Blog: Reformation - Division Within Corporate Scientology - 2012-01-01

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F0.png Reformation - Division Within Corporate Scientology January 1, 2012, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

Wonder if the times are really changing? On the first day of 2012 a very prominent self-professed corporate Scientologist in good standing has overtly announced a clear division within the ranks.

Former Captain Flag Service Organization Debbie Cook, who avows to abide by the disconnect policy as administered and adjudicated by David Miscavige, has announced to fellow corporate Scientologists that as far as certain policy violations go, enough is enough.

In a skilled use of the Public Relations series, Debbie characterizes abuses in a euphemistic manner so that corporate Scientologists might read and think about the gaping holes in the side of the corporate Scientology ship. Note the Monique-Yiglingesque disavowal of the outside world having any role in correcting the beast; for many this letter will be somewhat safe to read. For the unvarnished truth of what Debbie Cook experienced, please see: