Blog: Religious Graveyard - 2017-04-01

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F376.png Religious Graveyard April 1, 2017, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Once religions reach a tipping point, they're hard to close down. After accumulating thousands of well-to-do followers, amassing a fortune in real estate, accruing Midas-like money, and establishing a worldwide presence, religions are damn hard to get rid of. Not only has too much been invested in the physical infrastructure, its faithful have devoted too much of their spiritual lives to let go.

The written word is more resilient than we mere mortals. Organizations can be demolished, its property seized, and all its assets given back to those who were duped. But unless society goes all Fahrenheit 451, it's nearly impossible to get rid of doctrine. Especially in the digital age when information is disseminated with the push of few keystrokes.

Scientology meets the above criteria. They have the money, they have the real estate, they have the members, and LRH made sure they have the requisite number of written words.