Blog: Remember Heber - 2013-05-01

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F376.png Remember Heber May 1, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

This is SICK.

I doubt Heber — who the church still promotes as its "President" — will be in attendance for the opening of the "Ideal Org" in the "First Scientology City" (huh)?

The gall of these people to put a picture of Heber on their poster — when he is locked up and only allowed out for the funeral of his son (and only after Karen DelaCarriere shamed the church into it). He doesn't have another son, so I guess he isn't ever getting out again until its his funeral. Update: I did not inspect this poster closely enough and several have pointed out that the shot is in fact Leo Champion. I used something that had been sent to me without inspecting it closely enough. I look like an idiot — not for the first time in my life. Nevertheless, it is still true that Heber was a VERY prominent part of the "Portland Crusade" and the RCS is trying to capitalize on the memory of that, while pretending Heber, the PRESIDENT of the church, no longer exists.