Blog: Restarting My Life After Scientology - 2017-11-04

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F0.png Restarting My Life After Scientology November 4, 2017, Peter Nyiri, The Sea Organization

Ladies and gentlemen, you and me, we are now going to perform magic. We are going to create money out of thin air. Close your eyes...

A lot of you have read my escape story. For those who haven't, I escaped from Scientology's Sea Org after 20 years of not having human rights, working from 8:30 am in the morning till 11:30 at night, for $50 per week. I also, risking getting caught, rescued my then wife, Gabi from Tampa International airport.

First my life was a complete disaster. Since then I have been working to put it into the right track, and this past week I reached a small milestone: I managed to pay off my first credit card fully. See below: