Blog: Revenimus - 2019-11-20

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F376.png Revenimus November 20, 2019, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

The Sea Org coat of arms includes one word, the latin Revenimus - "We Come Back." It is the motto of the Sea Org.

I received an email recently about the passing of Ken Delderfield which reminded me of how many of the important names from the early years of the Sea Org have now passed. Ken was the LRH Communicator WorldWide and then was on the Apollo and began the Pubs Org. He was the person who got the original OEC Volumes compiled and printed.

Recently we learned of the death of Tony Dunleavy, Hubbard's "Staff Captain" for many years and then the first Captain of the Flag Service Organization on land. David Light, one of the most famous names in the annals of scientology Registrars also passed in the last few weeks.