Blog: Ribbon Yanking Extravaganza - 2018-02-18

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F376.png Ribbon Yanking Extravaganza February 18, 2018, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

It's a big weekend of ribbon yanking for the Chairman of the Bored.

These HAVE to be done this weekend or they will not make it into the March 13th event — and he doesn't have anything else to hype at that event other than to bring the Sherminator on stage to ramble on with some more fascinating tall tales about the life of LRH, and handing out some awards to pre-ordained winners of the "Birthday Game" (you will see, the ONLY winners allowed now are "ideal"). So, it is absolutely imperative these ribbon yankings were made to happen. After YEARS of endless PR pieces about Silicon Valley, there was nothing until 3 days ago when suddenly "we are holding a grand opening." No last minute files pleas for help, no desperate recruitment pitches. When push comes to shove, everything is unimportant compared to the photo of op of COB yanking his ribbon.

Saturday: Salt Lake. This "org" is a complete joke — there are about a dozen scientologists in the entire state and they raised virtually NONE of the money for this ideal org. But as I predicted some time ago, the desperation to have something to show and claim "look how we are expanding with these "new" orgs" is paramount for Miscavige. So, eventually, in areas where there are no whales and virtually nobody to raise funds from, he will start just paying for the buildings and renovations out of Sea Org Reserves. As I have also said many times, IF it is true that the "ideal orgs strategy" is what is going to "clear the planet" (as Miscavige has often claimed) then why didn't he just buy EVERY org a new building and renovate it? The same logic follows — if 10,000 onto OT VII is the make-break point of civilization and they haven't been able to crack 7,000 in 35 years, why not just put ALL SO members and ALL staff onto full time auditing and get them up to OT VII? It would reportedly handle all ills of this planet...