Blog: Rise and Shine - 2011-05-14

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F0.png Rise and Shine May 14, 2011, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

I noticed by a number of indicators that apparently the past few days of posts on the subject of Scientology spying have created some fear within the ranks of Independents and others who frequent this blog. I can tell by the comments, numbers, back channel email and phone comm.

I noticed some people playing the old "ignore" the black panther card. It goes, "I have nothing to hide, I am a friend with everybody, and I'll just charm them right on up the tone scale." For those who don't care much about the future of Scientology, and thus don't make it their business to do much about it, that is perfectly workable. However, for those dedicating some time to salvaging the subject from the jaws of Miscavige defeat, I am afraid that that philosophy just does not work. The former are not targets for hard ball, the latter are. Hard core anti-Scientologists are not even targets for hard ball. Anti-Scientology activity warrants you kid glove treatment by Miscavige. Corporate Scientology Public Enemies worthy of hard core operations are Independents doing something effective about the continued and future use of the subject Scientology. By comparison, Anti Scientologists are friends of Dave. That is why it takes a lot more courage to do something about the state of Scientology than to contribute to its demise. For more on that subject, see

There are two other problems with the "ignore" rationale.