Blog: Robert Almblad - 2011-10-18

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F0.png Robert Almblad October 18, 2011, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

People that have studied the subject of Scientology would understand this statement: "Anything can be overrun and when it does get overrun, it becomes suppressive." In my opinion, this overrun is what we are experiencing on all fronts of Scientology today.

Hi, my name is Robert Almblad and I am an Independent Scientologist. My last "Church" service was New OT V in 2005.

I joined the Sea Org at Celebrity Center in LA in 1971 when I was 23 and began my SO career in Scientology working for LRH on the Apollo in 1972. He discovered I had an innate ability to figure out the source of annoying problems in his physical space and to come up with innovative solutions. For noise, I designed a soundproof auditing room. For the odd smell on the ship, I discovered dirt in the vents and began the ship-wide program to clean the vents… this project became known as CSP (Clean Ship Program). Today, every SO member knows the name" CSP" but probably doesn't know where the name came from. It was me. Now that DM knows where CSP comes from, he will probably ban the use of the term. Ha.