Blog: Ronit And Yossi Charny Speak Out - 2014-06-27

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F376.png Ronit And Yossi Charny Speak Out June 27, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

For readers of this blog who have decided scientology is not for them, this posting will be of no or very limited interest. But for those who still consider themselves scientologists, those who are still "on the fence" or "under the radar" this is information that is absolutely for you. It is FACTS about what goes on inside the church of scientology under the guise of "bringing spiritual freedom" and "uniting families."

Ronit and Yossi sent this message out to all their contacts yesterday. I have waited to publish this until after they sent it out in the hope it might reach more of the people that are its intended audience before the black PR, whispering campaign against them begins for overtly telling their story.

Dear Friends,