Blog: Rundown on Scientology Intelligence - 2014-03-01

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F0.png Rundown on Scientology Intelligence March 1, 2014, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

The following is a firm corporate policy of all Scientology entities. It is applied invariably to those who criticize Scientology, its organization, or even its executives and staff who engage in unconscionable and even criminal behavior. It has been applied in this wise since the day it was issued in the year 1968 all the way to the present. Note the requirement for regular, detailed reports. A plethora of Scientology policy mandates that those reports are filed - and as noted in this one, cross-indexed - and retained for posterity (including for potential use in blackmail, see Scientology Literacy and Blackmail.) There is no document destruction policy in Scientology, except unwritten (but firmly enforced) policy to destroy potential evidence when courts or law enforcement agencies indicate they might be interested in such evidence.

OSA Network Order 16 October 1988