Blog: Running Program BS - 2016-04-17

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F376.png Running Program BS April 17, 2016, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

They are going all out to hype the Running Program in the latest edition of Source mag.

It begins with the full page shot of the "Indoctrination" pack - conspicuously labeled "CONFIDENTIAL."

First, if they converted the "LRH advice" into an "HCOB" then this huge binder contains 3 pages. There is only one document that describes the Running Program. It was handed out in a file folder to those of us who were assigning to "running around the pole" full time back in the days when there was still a running track at the Gold base. This "pack" is a single issue. I am sure it has ballooned with glossaries, indexes and pages off descriptions about running shoes and how to wash your shorts and t-shirts.