Blog: Ruthless/SuMP - 2016-05-01

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F376.png Ruthless/SuMP May 1, 2016, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Been a few interesting days leading up to Miscavige's birthday bash.

Though they apparently sent out decoy messages that the event was canceled (maybe it was and then changed to being back on again which would not be unusual for one of these things) it seems this was the "gift of expansion" that Dave wanted for his birthday, so he went ahead and yanked his ribbon as planned to commemorate the occasion. Apparently there were dozens of security people surrounding the place yesterday at lunch time and crowds milling awaiting the arrival of the Grand Ribbon Yanker, the stage was built and the anticipation was high. I don't have confirmation of anyone SEEING the ribbon yanked, but it was up on the building on Friday and I suspect it isn't there today.

Earlier someone had posted their views on the purpose of the SuMP and I saved it to publish in recognition of the occasion.