Blog: SMP News - 2014-09-20

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F376.png SMP News September 20, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

OK, here are some tidbits of interest from the Valley OTC meeting, focusing on the KCET Studios, combined with some information that has come in from several Special Correspondents.

This facility has now assumed a new acronym — SMP (Scientology Media Productions). It has fairly recently been integrated into the Int Liaison Office (a strange move when there has been NO CO ILO on post for some years, it is reported to be "held" by the CO CMO IXU).

Part of SMP is Mad Hatter StudiosChick Corea's former recording studio that was purchased by Dear Leader as his handling for "getting Chick's finances in order." It was fully renovated and was supposed to be used for "recordings in LA" that couldn't be done at Int. In truth, it was simply another unusual solution and it has remained virtually unutilized since the day it was bought. CCHR has done some Voice Overs for Public Service Announcements there, and a radio show, Chick has recorded some stuff, and the Jive Asses (as Dear Leader calls them) recorded their latest album there. Apart from that, it is a white elephant. Even the person who was once a Miscavige "golden child" Chandra Lorentzen — head of Mad Hatter for years and then took over as head of SMP — is now in disfavor and was busted. Reportedly "COB" hand-picked her successor — Kelly Heddin, one of the backup singer/dancers for the Golden Era musicians. Don't get me wrong, Kelly is a nice woman — at least she was when she was a Non SO dancer/singer that attended all events where Gold had singers performing (MV, IAS, New Years, CC Anniversary). And maybe she has done a great deal of executive training in the last 5 years, but I doubt it based on the history of anyone studying anything in the Sea Org.