Blog: STAAD Resurrects "WhereIsShelly" - 2019-12-15

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F376.png STAAD Resurrects "#WhereIsShelly" December 15, 2019, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

We don't hear much from STAAD any more.

Seems Fast Eddie has gone back to stuffing envelopes in the basement or whatever it is that he usually does. He has been silent on Twitter — one post since 22 October and that could have been written by any of the STAAD flunkies and posted on his behalf.

Even the STAAD League itself has been pretty dormant, every now and then sending out a retweet promoting Marty Rathbun like the last Japanese soldier on a Pacific Island firing into the air in an act of defiance to keep the fight going. This is one of their most recent retweets from a year or more ago...