Blog: STAND is Recruiting And They Tell The Truth - 2020-06-23

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F376.png STAND is Recruiting And They Tell The Truth June 23, 2020, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

...or at least they are trying to according to Michael Lewis (who seems to be everywhere — giving seminars on how to conduct life etc etc, perhaps this is a really long amends project following the massive bad PR his son generated).

It's interesting to see the admission that Ed Parkin is his "boss"... The facade that STAND is a group of "like-minded individuals" who happen to share a common goal to eradicate religious persecution is of course a sham. This is in fact an OSA front group run by an OSA Int staff member, Ed Parkin, which has a select group of people who take orders from OSA to do what they are told.

And here we have the aforementioned Fast Eddie making a fool of himself once again with his latest tweet: