Blog: STAND is Woke - 2020-07-30

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F376.png STAND is Woke July 30, 2020, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

OK, so a little more from our friends at the STAND League.

The "Reverend" Ed Parkin has some vetted and cleared "volunteers" who write things for him and they put them on their STAND League blog. It is pretty much inevitable that every item somehow worms its way to rail against Leah Remini (and often me). No matter what piece of news or view they are expressing, somehow all roads lead to Remini and Rinder.

This is one of their latest pieces. And I comment on a few notably ironies within it. It doesn't matter who Liv Watson is. All OSA flunkies are the same. They might sometimes write something, but it is thoroughly vetted. Almost certainly the majority of what appears on the "blog" is actually written by someone in OSA Int and a name is simply attached to it so it seems not to be coming from the same source. They want it to appear there are many of them and they are all independently participating and contributing. Nothing could be further from the truth.