Blog: Science of Certainty vs. Pedagogy of Vacillation - 2011-09-27

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F0.png Science of Certainty vs. Pedagogy of Vacillation September 27, 2011, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

Tony Ortega did a write up on me at the Village Voice yesterday.

I appreciate the work Tony has done in investigating and working to understand me and what the independent movement is about. I think he provides a fairly accurate picture. One thing that Tony and I apparently don't see eye to eye on is what our impact is on the future of Scientology. While he takes pains to distinguish between Corporate Scientology and Independent Scientology in the article at issue, he continues to consider - by the relegation of his story to the top twenty five people "crippling Scientology" - that we are somehow hurting the public image of Scientology. I couldn't disagree more emphatically. I post about signs of our objectives being attained - differentiating in the public mind between the practice of Scientology philosophy and the daily criminal activity of the "church" of Scientology - fairly often (ironically including Tony's own coverage of Janet Reitman's book, our recent trip to Germany, and religious scholar Hugh Urban's book on Scientology).