Blog: Scientologist Online Resume Laundering - 2020-03-14

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F0.png Scientologist Online Resume Laundering March 14, 2020, Jeffrey Augustine, Scientology Money Project

Scientologists are adamant that Scientology is a religion and it is their religion. Scientologists even sign memberships contracts with the Church in which they legally agree that Scientology is a religion and it is their religion. Many Scientologists also take a course in which they become Scientology ministers to prove their religiosity. OSA Legal Rep Ed Parkin has worn a clerical collar to Scientology-staged propaganda events designed to look like ecumenical events. Ed is very religious. So are his fake stock photo Scientologists.

These days, however, many Scientologists on social media, particularly on LinkedIn and other job boards, have taken a new tack. Scientologists that have worked on staff, in the Sea Org, as fundraisers (FSM's), or in any formal capacity with the Church of Scientology are engaging in an evasive tactic. This tactic appears on their online resumes.

Specifically, these Scientologists redefine their religious worker experience as having "worked in the nonprofit sector" and absolutely do not mention Scientology. In their resumes, these people do not even give the specific name of the nonprofit for which they worked . The term "nonprofit" is rather used to imply secular work experience with a humanitarian flavor.