Blog: Scientology's Answer to Perfect Recall: The File Clerk - 2017-03-12

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F376.png Scientology's Answer to Perfect Recall: The File Clerk March 12, 2017, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Is it just mine or is your file clerk on sabbatical, too? Apparently, my guy's been on vacation from just after I first walked through the front doors of that mission years ago.

The file clerk I'm talking about is the one LRH described in DMSMH, who's able to go back and grab any of the trillions of incidents on one's time track—the consecutive record of mental image pictures, from "when it all began" to present time. All that's necessary is to "direct" this little guy to an incident, and presto, he's grabbed it and dragged it up to present time. All you have to do is lean back with your bowl of popcorn and watch the show. At least, that's the theory.

LRH said, "The file clerk is the bank monitor. 'He' monitors for both the reactive engram bank and the standard banks. When he is asked for a datum by the auditor or 'I,' he will hand out a datum to the auditor via 'I.' The file clerk, if the auditor asks the preclear for the last time he saw a movie, will hand out the movie, the date it was seen, the age and physical being of the person, all perceptics, the plot of the movie, the weather—in short, he hands out everything that was present and connected with the movie." (Except the popcorn.)