Blog: Scientology's Decade - 2020-01-07

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F376.png Scientology's Decade January 7, 2020, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Dan Sherman conjured up a verbal orgasm of gushing babble to hype the sheeple at the scientology New Year's Celebration.

No need to attend the event, you can read all about it at in 10 minutes and spare yourself the pain of "Standing O" calisthenics every time Dear Leader actually completes a run-on sentence.

At the outset, let's remember that the "turn of the decade/century" event in 1999 was held at the LA Sports Arena — a FAR larger venue than the Shrine Auditorium. Given the unprecedented, massive, straight up and vertical expansion they claim to have experienced over the subsequent 20 years, why was this event not held at the Staples Center to accommodate the 20,000 people who wanted to attend? Or more accurately, the Rose Bowl which would fit the 10X expansion from 1999? With each of the ideal orgs in the almost ideal California bringing 10X expansion, how come there weren't 100,000 clamoring to hear the Dear Leader spout forth his oddly cadenced Shermanspeak? There were nearly 10,000 in 1999. But only 6300 in 2019?