Blog: Scientology's Irish Eyes Aren't Smiling - 2014-08-02

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F376.png Scientology's Irish Eyes Aren't Smiling August 2, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Below is an article from the Irish Times yesterday reporting on the accounts statement filed for the Mission of Dublin. Of course, it is about 2 years overdue, but that really only tells us that it must be FAR worse by now.

Their reported income is less than half the previous year, so it's no doubt continued to plummet since. There is no reason to believe otherwise. The photo above is what the Mission looks like currently.

Remember this is the ONLY Dianetics and Scientology "organization" in Ireland. The last 30 years of unprecedented expansion under Mr. Miscavige seems to have missed Ireland altogether, even though there is NO language barrier, it is a highly advanced first world country that's part of the EU AND it has enormous historical significance because it is where the first PE was delivered. Given the penchant for lavishing money on any building that LRH ever used, rented or owned, why no money sunk into Merrion Square and why hasn't there been any effort to get the "PE" going where it first began? Or for that matter, just getting ANYTHING going in Ireland. No org at all after 50 years?