Blog: Scientology's Latest Lie About Me - 2020-01-18

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F376.png Scientology's Latest Lie About Me January 18, 2020, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

While there have been many, many lies propagated by scientology about me, it still surprises me sometimes when they offer up new ones.

This appeared a few days ago on my daughter's blog (though she is just the name and face that is used — this garbage is written by the same people that churn out the drivel that appears on the STAND League and Freedom smear sites).

The idea that I committed some grievous bodily harm on my ex-wife when she and 6 others stalked and accosted me in a doctors parking lot in 2010 has been thoroughly debunked on this blog (see Mike Rinder: "Lady Killer") and in even more detail on Jeffrey Augustine's blog where he has systematically tracked and debunked the stream of viciously false claims about me.