Blog: Scientology's Lying Denials - 2019-08-28

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F376.png Scientology's Lying Denials August 28, 2019, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Everyone who has watched The Aftermath knows that scientology invariably sends in rather bizarre denials to what is being exposed in every episode. The finale was no exception. In fact, scientology outdid themselves.

We have made the point repeatedly, that while scientology squeals they are being vilified and lied about, they NEVER provide ANYONE to present their side of the story. Instead they just repeat, in long-winded letters, that every single person who appears on the show is a liar. Scientology has never done ANYTHING wrong according to these letters. The pain and suffering that is testified to by their victims is all hallucinatory, or more likely deliberately false because a. the person wants fame, or b. they want money or c. they are suppressive people out to destroy anything good in the world.

None of these alleged motivations fit any of the people who appear on the show. And they appear knowing they will be Fair Gamed by scientology with absolutely false and often gutter-level smears. They're certainly not making money out of it.