Blog: Scientology's Worship Of The Past - 2014-10-01

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F0.png Scientology's Worship Of The Past October 1, 2014, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

Another excerpt from Deconstructing Scientology:

Once sold on the reactive mind construct as fact, the next most fundamental belief instilled through the scientology catechism is that we have all fallen from grace and must strive to re-attain it. We came from a state of perfection that was infinite in terms of potential and capability. Each of us once was divine 'cause'. A scientologist's mission is to return to that 'native state.' In order to do so one must confront that which created his descent into the human condition. Thus, the central practice of scientology is a form of abreaction therapy that returns one to and addresses each step one took down the ladder from his native condition.

Unlike more conventional psychotherapies, scientology's abreaction practice is intended to be, and is in practice, interminable. That is due to scientology also teaching that each of us is a positive, separate identity that has been intact for quadrillions of years and beyond. It preaches that the unraveling of all the quadrillions of years of falling from perfection is the only road to spiritual freedom, even the only means to fully wake up from insanity.