Blog: Scientology: Past and Present - 2014-10-03

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F0.png Scientology: Past and Present October 3, 2014, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

Continued, from last post Scientology's Worship of the Past:

The highest level of the bridge (the one-path-covers-all series of specific steps one must follow in order to arrive to native state) Hubbard left behind, OT (Operating Thetan) VIII, is a foray into the deep past for the purpose of identifying and validating one's fundamental whole track identity. Thus, along with the deep past, identity – or ego - is made an obsession with scientology. The original client-centered therapy that scientology copied and scientology itself - up to the level of Clear - aim for stripping those 'false' identities one tends to collect and adopt so as to reach a state of self-actualization where a person finds his own self. However, in scientology one is not permitted to take that self-actualization so as to transcend self and explore new horizons. Instead, scientology teaches that knowing oneself is not good enough; one must become someone else: the superhuman, ubermensch, operating thetan. And to get there the scientologists starts anew on an endless journey stripping what he is indoctrinated to believe are thousands upon thousands of foreign personalities he is continuing to play out unconsciously. In fact, unwilling to admit the failure of scientology to erase the subconscious, Hubbard came up with a new explanation for the continuing subconscious dramas Clears continue to play out. That is a science fiction mythology that anthropomorphizes every sub-conscious thought the Clear has.

More fundamentally, scientology's tenet of the everlasting individuality makes Clear self-actualizing a minor way station. The further an individual progresses along the bridge the more he is convinced that he possesses a continuing core identity which one can never fully realize absent thousands of hours of more auditing. That is a self that has been a separate, identifiable individual basic personality for what varies between adherents from quadrillions to an infinity of years. The longer one participates the more firmly one believes in his individuated separateness from all other beings and the entire universe. And so after spending perhaps years to attain the state of Clear the false identity stripping starts anew and this time continues until the scientologist dies.