Blog: Scientology: The Money Religion - 2014-08-25

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F376.png Scientology: The Money Religion August 25, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Here we have the latest evidence of the state of the "church" of scientology and its descent into the worship of money.

Of course, the ONLY thing anyone talks about in scientology these days is "donations" and "donator statuses" — primarily to the IAS and Ideal Orgs, but also to numerous other lesser vampire entities that hang out in the dark cave that is the scientology world. It is what determines your status and your ability to negotiate the increasingly arbitrary "church ethics."

But still, who would have ever contemplated a decade ago, let alone when the Freewinds was first launched in 1988 (26 years ago, not 25...) that one would ever see this: