Blog: Scientology "Facts" - 2018-01-22

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F376.png Scientology "Facts" January 22, 2018, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

This is a page from the Int Scientology News "New Years" edition where they repeat what was said at the New Years event for the few hundred remaining scientologists who managed to ignore the dozens of phone calls, visits, texts and emails about attending the video showing of the annual spectacle of bullshit.

A big feature of every Miscavige Event is numbers. Strange numbers. Weird "factoids" that you cannot wrap your mind around as you sit at the event.

Marc Yager ("Cueball" to Miscavige, who loves calling people by derogatory names) is the master of this technique. It's an official "hat" he has of creating sort of impressive sounding numbers and comparisons out of very much less than impressive numbers.