Blog: Scientology "Father's Day" - 2019-06-16

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F376.png Scientology "Father's Day" June 16, 2019, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Scientology likes to portray itself as family friendly. This is never really true in scientology — the organization ALWAYS takes precedence over the individual or family. Always. Scientology tries to tell the world that it is the great protector and builder of family relationships. Just look at these excerpts from

But let's just focus on how this works out for scientology staff, SO Members or declared SP's. Scientology is decidedly NOT family friendly and Father's Day is simply another "reason" to try to get suckers to visit the org so the regges can try to get their money.

You can be sure, NO staff member is being given a day off because it's "Father's Day" — they're not even allowed to sleep in. There is a planet to clear. The org has to be built to St Hill Size. No time for messing around with "wog" excuses to go "off-purpose."