Blog: Scientology Ad Fail - 2016-02-24

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F376.png Scientology Ad Fail February 24, 2016, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

There has been plenty of discussion about scientology's ads during the Super Bowl and Grammy's. Much of it very derisive - the twittersphere lit up with comments as soon as the ads appeared. Many of them were pretty humorous.

They have run two ads — and neither sell anything. Instead they ask a lot of questions and direct people to website. Maybe this is modeled on the original Jeff Hawkins Dianetics "question ads" that sent Dianetics back onto the NY Times bestseller list.

Back then, the success of the ads was measured by the number of books sold in bookstores (today, there are virtually no Hubbard books in any bookstores anywhere...). The success of these ads would be seen in visits to the website. Fortunately this is easy to track with Alexa.