Blog: Scientology Aftermath Episode 6: Aftermath - 2017-01-04

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F376.png Scientology Aftermath Episode 6: Aftermath January 4, 2017, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

As I have been doing after each program, I am putting this here as a place for people to make comments about the show that has just aired.

I must say, this was the toughest episode to film. So heartbreaking and Aaron is such a good man, father and friend. Tough to watch too. But unfortunately, it is the horrible truth. And if you have not already done so, I recommend you check out Tony Ortega's blog this morning. Aaron, in his usual meticulous detail, rips apart the scientology smear site and POW videos that were put up a couple of hours after the show aired.

On a more positive note, the outpouring of support has not only continued, it continues to grow. It is quite amazing how far and wide this show is reaching and to how many people who have not had personal experiences with scientology but now feel they must do something about the abuses that are being exposed. Thank you all. I try to respond to messages and emails and PMs and tweets, but it is physically impossible to do so. If I have not gotten back to you, I apologize. But let this post serve as my response.