Blog: Scientology BS Grows Deeper - 2019-10-22

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F376.png Scientology BS Grows Deeper October 22, 2019, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Scientology had this 116 page "rebuttal" magazine ready to distribute in Clearwater on Sunday immediately after the Tampa Bay Times bombshell dropped.

It had been prepared and printed well in advance, with staged photo shoots and 116 pages of PR fluffery and outright bs ready to drop without the inconvenience of having read the article. In fact, it arrived in Clearwater mailboxes Monday morning, so it was mailed even before the article was published.

A large percentage of the magazine consists of flowery pages of "I am a Scientologist" stuff. This is basically a rehash of what is shown on Scientology.TV and has been a standard PR line used by scientology since the first "I am a Scientologist" ads and online sites began to appear. I did a series of these in response to the 1991 Time magazine article. They try to make scientologists look like everyone else — and they are in most respects except for one of great importance. Normal citizens of Clearwater don't take their orders from either L. Ron Hubbard or David Miscavige. But every scientologist does. The dictates, policies and practices of scientology take precedence over everything else in a scientologist's life. No matter how much they try to claim this is not true, you can ask any of tens of thousands of former scientologists and they will all confirm this. Every. Single. One.