Blog: Scientology Beliefs - 2015-02-05

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F0.png Scientology Beliefs February 5, 2015, Jeffrey Augustine, Scientology Money Project

For the record, I repost this its entirety from Mark Rathbun's blog Moving On Up a Little Higher (revised):

In plain English, here are scientology's core religious beliefs.

1. Scientology's sophisticated mix of pop psychology and hypnotism are firmly believed to be the only workable 'technology' for curing mental issues, neurosis, psychosis, physical disease, increasing awareness and intelligence, and for creating OT's (operating thetans, L. Ron Hubbard's version of Nietzsche's superman or Aleister Crowley's magician).Note: Scientology is at first presented in secular, scientific terms promising and then false reporting 100% workability. In fact scientology never achieved even the scientifically recognized 20 to 30 percent placebo effect in terms of long-term satisfaction. In order to explain away that discrepancy the less-than-placebo percentage who stick with it are led to adopt the remaining listed beliefs. The 'technology' evolved being carefully designed and administered so as to lead scientologists to wholeheartedly accept and live according to these beliefs.