Blog: Scientology Dead Agents* Itself - 2016-12-01

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F376.png Scientology Dead Agents* Itself December 1, 2016, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

To the surprise of absolutely nobody, scientology wasted no time rolling out a whole new website of smear after the premiere of Leah Remini: Scientology and The Aftermath. Because of this, Thursday Funnies have taken a one week hiatus while I comment on this latest development from the fevered mind of Miscavige.

Cleverly (?) titled Aftermath: After Money (no doubt Miscavige got a kick out of that, probably thought it up himself, laughed at his own cleverness and his sycophants all laughed along with him) it announces in its headline what has come to be the hallmark of scientology's "Dead Agent"* efforts: They accuse everyone else of what they do. Starting right with their "clever" title.

Hey there Scrooge McDuckavige, do you know that docuseries like this are done on a shoestring budget — absolute peanuts compared to a network sitcom? If Leah was interested in making money she would be doing what she has very successfully done in the past, making a sitcom. Or if she really wanted to be rolling in the dough she could start a tax-exempt charity that claims to do good around the world, produces staged fundraising videos, hands out gauche statuses and gaudy trophies and then sit on the piles of money her team of vultures fundraisers extracts. Sound familiar?