Blog: Scientology E Meter with Ball and Chain - 2014-01-18

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F376.png Scientology E Meter with Ball and Chain January 18, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Well we just got a copy of David Miscavige's boldest attempt ever to lock down total control of all Scientology audiitng. A good try Dave, but I think the flock has already fled.

It is two documents, one that licenses the software and one that licenses the actual meter itself. You can download a PDF of this ball and chain right here. You can also click on the images below to get an idea of the pages and content. Keep in mind this has to be signed and returned to Scientology BEFORE you get your e-meter. I was going to excerpt the most egregious efforts to suppress all auditing outside of Captain David Miscavige's control but almost every line is a direct statement command to "lie down, roll over and kiss my feet". Two great lines are...

"CSI has the discretion not to renew the licence for any reason"