Blog: Scientology End Phenomena - 2017-08-05

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F376.png Scientology End Phenomena August 5, 2017, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

At the end of a process in Scientology, it isn't enough for a PC (Pre-Clear; basically anyone receiving auditing) to say "Thanks, I feel a little better," and walk away. Likewise, "I feel like I'm done," or "You know…I think I've gone as far I can go with this," doesn't signal the end of a session. "I'm already in PT (present time)," or "Nah, I really don't believe in past lives," will not be accepted as an "end phenomenon"—EP for short—in the Church of Scientology.

Unlike other therapies, L. Ron Hubbard thought it necessary to append specific EPs to every auditing process, rundown, course, or level of his Bridge to Total Freedom. Rarely, have other practices in the field of mental health made such conceits. Nor guaranteed unqualified cures or promised patients they wouldn't relapse. LRH never had such reservations.

Why couldn't he have left well enough alone? Why did he feel he had to make such fantastic claims? Why did he have to append specific EPs to the end of everything? Did he really believe his processes produced these phenomenal "gains" on everyone, uniformly, without exception? Was the man so sure of his genius that he couldn't conceive his processes wouldn't work unvaryingly, one hundred percent of the time? Or did he devise these EPs as simply another carrot to lure people up the Bridge?