Blog: Scientology Food Chain - 2017-07-23

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F376.png Scientology Food Chain July 23, 2017, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

I don't remember where exactly, but somewhere L. Ron Hubbard talked about and created his hierarchy of churches in which new public would start their services at lower orgs and work their way up the lines, ultimately ending up on the Freewinds. He created this system because, as usual, he knew better.

This design system has never worked and Scientology churches at every level have been insolvent and failing for decades.

The Hierarchy

At the bottom of this hierarchy, LRH created Field Groups made up of one or more people offering basic, introductory Scientology services such as Life Repair and the Purification Rundown. These groups are fairly independent and designed to feed people to missions and Class 5 Orgs. Most Field Groups operate out of their homes.