Blog: Scientology Front Groups - 2020-07-12

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F376.png Scientology Front Groups July 12, 2020, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Scientology has many front groups that are designed to create the impression that the organization is a benevolent group that does good work in their community.

I have noted many times that the "good work" does not happen if it cannot be documented by a video team who then use the video to fundraise and for propaganda pieces about the great things they are doing around the world.

Here are some very recent pitches from some of their main front groups. They tell the sheeple literally anything to persuade them they need to participate — but if they don't they are shamed into giving money. After all, what sort of lowlife would refuse to help make human rights a reality? Or help respond to disasters? Cut off the international drug pipeline? Make LA safe and green? Eradicate barbaric psychiatric practices? Only an SP would not want those things....