Blog: Scientology Fundraising Techniques- Use of "Shills" - 2014-01-19

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F376.png Scientology Fundraising Techniques- Use of "Shills" January 19, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

(Article By Special Correspondent)

Recently I received a copy of the Scientology Seattle Ideal Org Building Fundraising Hat Write-Up By Mark Arnold, the Executive Director for Seattle Day. You can see the full write up here. Most of it is a detailed and complex structure for milking every possible penny from Scientologists in the local area.

He confirms that 10% commissions are paid on funds raised and also makes it clear that materials written by L Ron Hubbard are not the important references - the core reference for the fundraising is a book called ASKING by Jerold Panas which he refers to over and over. He also talks about "dinging" in his audiences with COB quotes (David Miscavige lies actually). L Ron Hubbard quotes have nothing to do with this because L Ron Hubbard despised the idea of asking for donations without giving back valuable services in return, a subject he covered vigorously in a series of letters loosely called the Safe Environment Fund Advices, or "SEF advices". So not much from L Ron Hubbard in the whole discussion except to try and find "inspirational LRH quotes" of a generic nature to forward an activity that would have enraged LRH mightily.