Blog: Scientology Hidden Data Line - 2017-08-12

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F376.png Scientology Hidden Data Line August 12, 2017, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

From the Scientology Tech Dictionary:

"HIDDEN DATA LINE, some students have believed there was a 'hidden data line' of tech in Scn, a line on which Scn tech was given out by me but not made known to students. This started me looking for there is no such line. The whole of technology is released in HCO Bulletins and HCO Policy Letters and tapes I do and release. I don't tell people anything in some private way, not even instructors. The apparency is somebody's pretense to know from me more than is on the tapes and in the books and mimeos, or, brutally, somebody's alter-is of materials. This looks like a "hidden data line." It surely isn't. (HCO PL 16 Apr 65).

LRH pounded home this point that there was no hidden data line in Scientology. He'd laid everything bare. No policy was covered up. No tech was hidden. Nothing was exclusive to a chosen few. From DMSMH to OT 8, it had been spelled out in plain English for the whole world to see. True, the OT Levels are confidential, but if you're willing to cough up the bucks, you can check them out.