Blog: Scientology Inc. Phoenix Fraud - 2012-06-27

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F0.png Scientology Inc. Phoenix Fraud June 27, 2012, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

David Miscavige is apparently so out of touch that he thought that sending me his absurd, hype-ridden press release on the Phoenix Idle Morgue would have some sort of impingement on me. OSA sent it directly to me.

Its text comes right out of the blocks with a misleading representation. That is, it more than implies that the Phoenix organization has more than 1,500 active participating members. In a photo of the scene its caption reads "1,500 Scientologists and their friends"; while the press release text calls it "1,500 Scientologists, friends and dignitaries."

Of course, Dave and OSA did not bother to mention in their press release, nor in the email to me, where they got the several hundred shills to bark approval at Miscavige's every shermanisn in Phoenix. From the streets of LA, a seven hour drive from Phoenix. What follows is only one of many slick promo pieces they sent out in advance of the event recruiting LA area Scientologists for an all-nighter shilling expedition to Phoenix: