Blog: Scientology Inc. Private Eyes Come Clean - 2012-09-30

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F0.png Scientology Inc. Private Eyes Come Clean September 30, 2012, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

The Tampa Bay Times has published a rather startling expose', Scientology Inc. Private Eyes Come Clean.

Notice that David Miscavige's denials confirm pretty much the entire story.

When Paul and Greg asked CO OSA INT (Linda Hammill, head of Scientology Inc.'s intelligence operation) what the church was going to do when I exposed this operation in 2009 to the Times (see, segment 'Spying on Pat Broeker' at Marty Rathbun Tampa Times videos), she said that David Miscavige's plan was to "blame it on Marty." Greg and Paul knew then and there that Miscavige and his crime syndicate had lost any sense it might have once had.