Blog: Scientology Inc "Justice" - 2012-04-12

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F0.png Scientology Inc "Justice" April 12, 2012, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

The following is what L Ron Hubbard had to say about the state of the United States Department of Justice's investigative arm in 1979. Irrespective of how exaggerated his rancor might have been about the target of his wrath, it seems to me to be a rather chillingly accurate description of David Miscavige's Scientology Inc in the year 2012.

The FBI charter mews about safeguarding the populace but hides and is utterly disregarded by an organization whose principles are carefully planned wholly on terrorism and conducts itself more lawlessly than any criminal it ever listed as Public Enemy #1. Who is Public Enemy #1 today? The FBI! Its obvious target is every opinion leader and public-spirited group in America! To the FBI their own charter is not only a subject for mirth but the Constitution itself which they are sworn to uphold is just garbage which impedes their headlong terror zeal. In the name of "justice" and even calling themselves the Justice Department they practice every conceivable perversion of injustice. With their terror tools, preferring lies to fact, they have created a police state in which no man, woman or child or even a politician is safe, either from downstats or the FBI. To the FBI all men are guilty and can't be proven innocent, and behind her bandaged eyes, Justice herself weeps. In the name of "justice" they have condemned this society to death. - HCO PL 25 March 1979 A New Hope for Justice

UPDATE 4/12/12: A number of people took issue with my having had the temerity to characterize L Ron Hubbard's words as "rancorous" and "exaggerated." When I replied to some comments with context that LRH wrote this while the church was desperately attempting to position the FBI as a Nazi organization that had desecrated the Constitution by raiding a church - when that church had committed serial, document "heinous" crimes over many years, some took issue with my use of the word "heinous."