Blog: Scientology Internet Fail - 2015-08-24

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F376.png Scientology Internet Fail August 24, 2015, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Try as they might, scientology is incapable of accomplishing any positive results on the internet.

Miscavige shows "stats" at his events like "people look up scientology every 1.63 seconds" or "we have 627Xed the reach for our programs on the internet" or other completely meaningless statements. All the while they continue to raise money for the "KCET studios" because this facility will allow scientology to "take over the internet."

Miscavige has spent a LOT of money to create a video driven website at And probably more money paying than that to click farms in India and the Philippines to try to raise traffic rankings for the site. It's been a desperate quest to gain credibility on the internet.