Blog: Scientology Is Going Clear! - 2015-07-12

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F376.png Scientology Is Going Clear! July 12, 2015, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

You heard it here first — there is a new DCSI/Clear Certainty Rundown that was released in a special "closed door" briefing by He Who Shall Not Be Named. And it now being spread to the general populace in a vain effort to recruit new staff for this "rare opportunity."

Of course, to try to fill up some of the empty space at Flag, all orgs are being ordered to send trainees to learn the "new" tech of verifying whether someone is Clear or not. Couldn't just send it out to the orgs to USE IT, this incredible new breakthrough is too important for that. Hell, they might mess it up!! And everyone knows that anything that is trained in at Flag is absolute perfection (unless of course it was the original DCSI training program or the Clear Certainty training program, or GAT 1 or GAT II....)

Every now and then one of these "send trainees from all orgs" evolutions happens. The last time was GAT II itself. All those people that would complete the "full training" line up in 6 weeks ended up being there for 6 months or more. Some are STILL there. GAT 1 was a similar story. The pitch is that NOW everyone is going to be able to deliver standard tech. And of course, no org would want to be accused of NOT delivering standard tech...