Blog: Scientology Lies About LGBTQ - 2018-12-26

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F376.png Scientology Lies About LGBTQ December 26, 2018, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Someone sent this Instagram post to me recently. It is the perfect example of scientology saying one thing publicly to be "acceptable" (Hubbard called this an "acceptable truth") and what they actually believe and practice. As you may have noticed, they also make a big deal about celebrating Christmas but do not believe in Christ. They also claim you can be a scientologist and any other religion but that is a lie that was disproven when asked about it by the IRS and admitted it was not true (it's an indicia of a real religion that it's a single faith - you are not both Catholic and Protestant, ChristIan and Jew, Muslim and Sikh etc) - yet they still say it in their public relations pitches.

Scientology says anything to try to appear acceptable, normal and sucker people into walking in the door.

The subject of sexual orientation is very clearly delineated in the "scripture" of scientology as dictated by L. Ron Hubbard. He decreed that homosexuality was a "low tone" that is dangerous to be around. That it equates to sexual perversion. That such people should be avoided. And looked down upon.