Blog: Scientology Media Footbullets On Rapid Fire - 2015-03-10

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F376.png Scientology Media Footbullets On Rapid Fire March 10, 2015, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

The below article was published by Radar Online this morning.

It is of note because it is further evidence that scientology is demonstrating to the world that everything in the movie is true. Their hamfisted footbullets are not going unnoticed as they may have done in the past. But it is especially interesting because of the absolutely astonishing arrogance of the responses. Everything they do is further confirmation of their guilt.

Who in their right mind, when confronted with an email threatening physical violence would not say "We condemn threats of violence and will assist the authorities in any way we can to get to the bottom of this," or some other mealy-mouthed sort of statement that makes it clear you are NOT in agreement with these sort of tactics? Or even a really wishy-washy "we don't know anything about this and had nothing to do with it." Only an arrogant moron would try to defend in the face of this and "attack the attacker." It just is not the time and place.