Blog: Scientology Non-Disconnection Policy - 2016-08-20

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F376.png Scientology Non-Disconnection Policy August 20, 2016, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Somewhat buried under the coverage of the demise of Gawker and its greatest hits including publishing the infamous 2004 Freedom Medal of Valor video of Mr. Cruise making an ass of himself" comes this from the International Business Times (and apparently Us Magazine, though I haven't bothered to check that).

It's a strange position to be in for scientology. They deny it's "not them" keeping Tom away from Suri. Yet, if they are to be taken at at their word, they are throwing Mr. Cruise (they don't want him referred to any other way — just like Mr. Miscavige and NOT Captain Miscavige) under the bus. He has apparently not denied the repeated stories that he does not see Suri. That would be the obvious thing to do if it not true. He used to file lawsuits over things like this and Bert Fields letters flew to the media outlets. So, the only explanation left is that he doesn't care about his daughter enough to visit with her? Wow. Good going there footbullet kings....

Here is the statement scientology is reported to have made, defending itself and trashing Mr. Cruise: