Blog: Scientology OT Committees- Some Statistics - 2014-01-20

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F376.png Scientology OT Committees- Some Statistics January 20, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

The OT Committee of a Scientology Church represents the most active and committed of the local Scientologists. Until they have completed OT VIII, they are easy to pressure and control because they have to pass detailed "OT Eligibility" Checks and they get grilled as to their contributions to their local Church. If they fail the check, they can't move on.

To see the statistics of an OT Committee is thus a somewhat rare and very revealing glimpse behind the curtain.

Scientology church staffers go to extreme lengths to hide the actual statistics of their organizations. This is because these statistics reflect the dismal situation within Scientology Churches around the world and their complete failure to make any progress towards their stated goal of lifting people up the Scientology Bridge through auditing and training. Even worse are the statistics of new people started on their first basic Scientology services. The number of new people started in Scientology was miniscule BEFORE the truth about David Miscavige's depraved conduct became international news headlines starting in 2009. I have heard that it is close to flatlined now and these emails seem to bear that out.