Blog: Scientology Responds To Paul Haggis -- Sort Of - 2013-08-01

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F376.png Scientology Responds To Paul Haggis -- Sort Of August 1, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

The Hollywood Reporter published an open letter written by Paul Haggis this morning.

In typical Haggis style, he zero'd in on the crux of the matter and showed himself once again to be a man of principle and dignity who clearly articulates his calm and well reasoned points.

Of course, Karin (David Miscavige) Pouw just HAD to respond. In a page out of their normal "attack the attacker" playbook, they launched an illogical, poorly composed ad hominem assault on Paul Haggis. It does not respond to a SINGLE POINT of his Open Letter.