Blog: Scientology Sockpuppet Speaks (Sort Of....) - 2013-05-04

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F376.png Scientology Sockpuppet Speaks (Sort Of....) May 4, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Corporate Scientology has mastered the art of speaking out of both side of its mouth and keeping a straight face at the same time.

See Tony Ortega's article about the Laura DeCrescenzo case this morning. While pleading that the CHURCH is being "discriminated" against (they have also mastered the art of playing victims — everyone including the courts, psychiatrists, governments, SPs, media, the internet, drug companies, cyberterrorists, anyone who dies in their care and the martians are out to "get" them) and how turning over Laura's pc folders will prejudice "other religions," they don't mention that they hang onto these folders so they can comb through them to use against "critics", or that they have admitted that more than 200 people have had access to her pc folders (and that doesnt include those they have NOT admitted to, including the fact that sessions are video'd). Nor do they mention the simple fact that she isnt asking for someone else's folders or "privileged" information. She is asking only for her own files — THEIR record of HER statements. The church is NOT protecting her from the disclosure of her confessionals to a hostile source, they are ONLY seeking to protect themselves by hiding their records of what she said because they will SUPPORT her claims. Such amazing hypocrisy under the guise of sanctimonious "religious beliefs." The only religious belief at issue here is the belief that they must protect themselves from the outside world at all costs....

But then here comes another doozie. This time from nominal "spokesperson" Karin Pouw STILL responding to Larry Wright's book. Karin has not actually SPOKEN in a few years now. She is simply the name affixed to victim letters sent out by the church to the media. She does not write the letters.